Step 1 - Insert card and choose limit ( £ amount )

Press CHANGE VALUE if you would like a higher limit and the amount will increase OR  Press ACCEPT VALUE when you would like to set limit to amount shown on screen.                                         
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Step 2 - Enter card PIN

You will then be asked to enter your PINIf you enter the correct PIN but the machine rejects the payment, please try again or contact card provider - you will not be double charged.
OSG Escort MK1
Step 3 - Choose pump number

Press ACCEPT if the pump number displayed is the pump your car is currently parked OR Press REJECT if the pump displayed is not the pump your car is currently parked at and it will move on to the next pump. You do not need to move your car - choose the pump you are already parked at.
OSG Escort MK1
Step 4 - Remove card and pour fuel

Walk over to your selected pump and remove nozzle.  If you pick up the wrong nozzle and place it back into its holder, the payment will be cancelled and you will need to start the process again. If you would like a receipt, insert your card back into your machine and PRESS PRINT LAST RECEIPT